Our Favorite

Books & Resources

A list of resources and books that we love and we hope you love too!

Our Top Four

We will rotate these as we discover new books & resources that are so good we couldn't help but put them at the top!

"Newton on the Christian Life" - Tony Reinke

My favorite book of 2023! This past June my husband and I traveled to London for business, and while there had the joy of touring the city with "Christian Heritage London" and we learned so much about the history and spiritual foundations our faith benefits from. Visiting Newton's church was the highlight and I have grown to adore this man, and the ways God used him to minister through his pastoral letters. Reinke does a beautiful job of wringing out every drop of gracious food from Newton's letters.

"Impossible Christianity" - Kevin DeYoung

This is probably my second favorite book of 2023. Kevin DeYoung has been one of the pastor/theologians that God has used to put convictions, ideas, and thoughts I have had into eloquent and humorous words. His writing is accessible and although he is a deeply theological and biblical systematic theologian with a PhD, you hear his father heart and humanity in how he teaches, writes, and seeks to help others. A common theme in his writing; hectic life, hectic Christianity, hamster wheel living not being what God calls us to.

"Authentic Ministry" - Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves put out several books on similar topics this year, it was very hard for me to choose which to put here. Authentic Ministry I felt was the one that addressed each of them in one. Gospel People & Evangelical Pharisees were the others that deeply impacted me and I would also highly recommend them as well.

"Maturity" - Sinclair B. Ferguson

Everything written by Sinclair Ferguson always ends up in my list of favorite books. He truly is one of the most gentle, kind, and deeply penatrating in his teaching and writing. Like a modern day puritan soaked in the gospel, his books, even the ones that pierce deeply, lead to feeling refreshed as with cold ice water after living in a desert.

Bible Translations

The foundation for all of life and faith. We love many different translations, but these are the ones we use the most, for designs and posts.

English Standard Version (ESV)

The ESV Bible is my favorite translation to read in my quiet time, as well as for devotions and scripture memorization. I use the ESV Study Bible on the daily, and love the notes, maps, and book introductions associated. I use the ESV Study Bible most frequently.

New International Version (NIV)

The NIV will always be a favorite translation. My first bible was an NIV and many of the scriptures I memorized growing up and in college come from the NIV. I love the Zondervan NIV Study Bible for the extensive notes.

Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

I first encountered this translation in college as the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible). It is the translation our church uses and is similar to the NIV. Not one I tend to use for reading/studying but I do still recommend it.

Have a good book you would like to recommend?

Please, let us know in the form below. We are always looking for good books to read. Including literature, history, theology, fiction and more!

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